Wendy Reakes is 52 and lives in Bristol, UK, with her husband and two children. She began writing eight years ago, when she got the urge to compile her autobiography.


Wendy decided to turn her hand to fiction and found, quite by surprise, she had a talent for storytelling. That was when the bug set in and she took pains to learn the craft of writing to the point where she felt she was ready for publication. One of the mediums she used to improve her style was to enter short story competitions. “When I came first in the very first contest I entered, I was stunned’, says Wendy. ‘It drove me to write more than 100 shorts, written in the style of Hitchcock; cutting edge with a twist in the tale.’


Wendy has written four novels, In the Shadow of Strangers, The Perfects, The Song of the Underground and her most recent Sinkhole. The idea for ‘The Song’ came to her, after she’d finished another subterranean fiction novel. ‘I watched a programme about disused underground stations and tunnels, which is where the idea of a lost city below London was born. After that I just made it up as I went along.’  Wendy says, ‘that is the part, I find invigorating; when I allow my love of surprising plots to surprise me too.’


The script for ‘The Song of the Underground’ is currently being pitched to all the major studios in the US, after being optioned by Terri Carr Muran. In January this year Wendy was signed by legendary movie mogul Budd Burton Moss. ‘Budd knows practically everyone in the industry,” Wendy says. “It’s just a matter of time before the film is picked up by a major studio. Recently, she has been signed by top New York agent, David Nelson, of Waterside Productions.


Wendy’s fourth novel, ‘Sinkhole’, is written around a theme current in today’s world geographical events. Only recently a sinkhole appeared in a road in Ohio, swallowing up a car with a single lady driver. Ironically the story replicates the one in Wendy’s novel, where a blue Mondeo with a lady driver is lost down a hole in the road. “I killed her off,” Wendy says, “but thankfully the real life victim was rescued and unharmed.


Wendy has recently completed the script for the pilot episode and she is working on her next novel , 'David. 2000 ad', to be released in Novenber 2013.


Watch this space for more exciting news from the life of Wendy Reakes as she travels that elusive road to Hollywood.


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