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That first night, the sky turned red over Washington DC, and the angels came every night since, at dusk, murdering the minds and souls of every man woman and child. There was nowhere to run, as each angel was destroyed, they came back in abundance as if they had never been beaten.

Hundreds…no thousands…of winged beasts fell that night, headed toward the ground like spearing missiles, to steal the soul of every man, woman and child. Some settle on rooftops like shifting, crouching gargoyles, a scarred arm resting on bended kee, peering downward to the humans they longed to take, picking them out like candy from a jar.

They didn’t know then that the arrival of the angels marked the beginning of the end.


Today, six months later, KELSIE and her sixteen years old brother MAX, are alone, locked in a house in Dupont without family or friends. Like every city around the world, Washington is on lockdown as it is terrorised by the creatures from hell.

Advisor to the President, Tom Monroe, meets LUKE CRANE and his daughter, TEMPI, when they all find shelter at Kelsie’s house.

They discover that they all have one thing in common, to travel to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.

With nothing to protect them from the onslaught of angels, the mixed group must find a way to reach Philly, not knowing why they are going, or what they will do when they get there. Someone or something is guiding them, and they will reach their destination whatever the cost.

As Bible verses and myths show the way, offering truths and prophecies that only a few can decipher, they meet French girl, GABRIELLA BERGER, who guards BUNNY, the girl they call the Angel Whisperer.

Hell’s Angels is a novel about the fight against the dark forces of evil, when Satan’s sadistic, wrath pounds the minds of the people around the planet. It is about faith and trust, and true camaraderie as like-minded individuals seek resolution to the global infestation of the cruel celestial beings.

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