The Birds...they’re back.



When Daphne du Maurier wrote her short story The Birds, who knew it would end up as one of the Hollywood greats? The master, Alfred Hitchcock, knew a good story when he saw one and quickly optioned the script to feature in a location in America called Bodega Bay.

Now, in modern day Britain, the birds are back where they belong, at the original location in the South of England; Cornwall and its rugged coastline.

To honour the author’s original story, the film centres around the real character Nat Hocken, and his family. In the book, Nat looks up to a chevron formation of the birds and says, ‘They’re heading for the city’.

There begins the introduction of Will and Jennifer Brown, as they take their young daughter, Toots to a pet shop in Bristol to buy Love Birds. See the connection!?

In Will’s restaurant, next to the river Avon, sitting unobtrusively in the corner, is Alfred Hitchcock, shaking his head as if to say, ‘I did it better!’

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