Four coats of mascara and she's ready for anything.

Valerie Byron's back story reads like a script pitched at the TV and movie stars whose lives and loves she shared in the swinging sixties. But it is true and told with all the candour and raw honesty of a beautiful woman remembering heady days and passionate nights with celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic. She was part of Britain's ground-breaking ITV company, Granada, which made global successes of Coronation Street and many an edgy drama. In America, she worked in the film business and continued to bewitch those who sought to bed her. This is a book that could only have been written by an older, wiser woman but one who knows herself and is at ease with a life well lived.


Love this lady, love this book.


Just something to brag about.

No Ordinary Woman

Provençe remains a region where time stands still among the vineyards and olive groves that nestle on slopes unchanged since the earth was formed. On its glittering Mediterranean coast, the sun drenched Cote d'Azur attracts the unlimited wealth of the richest people on the planet, who demand the biggest and brightest of rich people's toys. Behind the Blue Shutters, imagines what might happen when these two diverse cultures meet.

Behind the Blue Shutters

Lou Drake was once the pride of the NYPD detectives until the high profile Hennings murder case went terribly wrong, nearly ending his career. Ten years later, fifty pounds heavier and three months from retirement, Drake works patrol in the backwater borough of Malcolm New York. He spends his idle time reading crime novels and writing one of his own. When Drake breaks protocol on a foul odor call, endangering his rookie partner, Drake's captain demotes him to the booking cage. The call turns out to be a murder scene, the victim ritualistically killed. Nothing like this has ever happened in Malcolm and spooks the local police to their bones. But when another body is discovered and both victims are identified as struggling literary agents, they know they a serial killer on their hands. NYPD Chief of Detectives Smythe takes charge and launches an investigation and is shocked when another victim is discovered. The bizarre, message laden details of the killings points to somebody angry at the publishing business – especially the literary agent community. In an effort to understand what is driving the killer, Smythe decides Lou's writing experience could benefit the case and pairs him with his old partner one last time. As they look for clues in the struggling publishing industry, Drake finds himself thrust into the middle of the insane drama where a methodical perpetrator is systematically killing those who rejected him. Drake must revive his old detective prowess and trust his writer's intuition to try and solve the case, while possibly exposing the truth about the old Hennings investigation - a secret that would expose a web of corruption that could shake the NYPD to its core. Ages 18 + Publishing Industry Murder Mystery “The ultimate writer’s revenge novel!” Lee Child, New York Times best selling author. "REJECTION is hard edged and fast paced, it kept me guessing to the end! 5 STARS!" Christopher Reich, New York Times Best Selling author. “A vivid and complex character, Lou Drake writes in his spare time, writes out his betrayal and disappointment and lurks on the fringes of a writing group and eventually, writes and investigates his way into vindication. I loved this well written and twisty crime novel.” Toby Neal, best selling author.





Suzi Frazier doesn’t want the life mapped out for her. Boyfriend Matt wants her to be sensible and settle down. But Suzi wants more from her life. She knows something is missing. But what is it? Dear Eve I’ve got our dream job – flying round the world, staying in expensive hotels and paid to do it! But it's Matt. He wants babies! I’ve got to see what else is out there before I get sick on my shoulder, baby wipes in my handbag and droopy bags for boobs. I changed my life to become a flight attendant…how else could I get to drink rum punch on a pirate ship, come face-to-face with a polar bear and bring a dead man back to life? I love my job but things aren’t working out as either of us planned, and that was before I met Ed Mc Ewan. But he’s already attached. Confused? So am I? Something’s got to give – but what’s it going to be? Help me Eve. Love, Suzi x

Love Suzi x

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