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 The Mirror Lied

A new story based on an old movie
The Dark Mirror

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A Whole World of Nothing


When a nuclear  EMP (electromagnetic pulse bomb) is detonated two miles up from the surface of the earth, the impact causes a shift in the fabric of nature.

After the town of Morgana Bay disappears, thirteen survivors find themselves lost in a parallel dimension, where their sanity is threatened by the impossible, and a race for survival begins.  

In the original dimension as the British government try to keep a lid on the disappearance of the village, soon it becomes widely known when the news is leaked on the internet.


A whole world of Nothing

is a story of human relationships when confronted with adversity,

and the ultimate desire for normality,

…whatever normality is.


Home to Eden


When a bomb cyclone hits the northern hemisphere,  it is said to last four years.
An underground city called Burlington, is being made ready for the biggest whiteout ever recorded.

Frankie Hollyart is the woman in charge of the management of Burlington. Now that the final hour is upon them, her staff must complete the city in readiness for the arrival of its 3,500 inhabitants, vetted and chosen for their expertise and their ability to serve.

But time has run out.

Whilst most of the British people perish, others are left fighting for survival, scavengers, and a group of young militants who take refuge in Eden, an artificial rainforest in Cornwall.

​They are the ones who oppose the system as they become desperate to claim back what is rightfully theirs, their descendant’s future life on earth.

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