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Underground, in a vast, naturally formed city beneath the ruins of Stonehenge, mother nature’s own children have existed for thousands of years. Now, the Perfects have surfaced, working in groups of seven, gathering the Kudos and waging war against those who threaten to destroy the planet, relentless in their quest for justice and peace on earth.

Countries around the world are suffering. Post-Trump America verges on a dystopian culture. The US government own everything, including the internet. Post-Brexit England is struggling to function without her European allies, imports have disappeared and the French, now their greatest enemy.

While oil is as expensive as gold, city homes are packed with squatters and ordinary people are made homeless with rising living costs. Meanwhile, the country dwellers are turning back to nature as every garden is used for growing crops and focusing only on sustainability. 

Now, on the summer solstice, four unlikely friends gather at Stonehenge, where they finally discover the Perfect’s hidden home and the legendry castle of Caer Sidi, where white horses roam. There, they are sent to another place beyond the waterfall and the spiralled maze, to another world where the maidens of Arthurian legend live, guided by their leader, the fabled Rhiannon.

As the group return above ground, a race against time ensues as they work to deliver a message. When a meeting takes place in the deserted post-war village of Imber on Salisbury Plain, a battle begins between the corrupt government and the Perfects, as a single bullet changes their desire for peace.

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Hell’s Angels


A war between man and beast,

both making claim to the earth beneath their feet.

Tom Monroe was on the top floor of the Pentagon when the angels first came.  It was dusk, the sky burnished red and reflecting upon the surface of the Potomac river. At first, his mind couldn’t…wouldn’t comprehend what he saw when he looked through his office window. Were they missiles falling from the sky? Was America being attacked, like 9/11? Were they drones? What the hell were they?

He squinted, looking at the Washington Monument in the distance, its highest point covered in the invaders from hell, resembling a pencil pointing to the sky.

That was the beginning and it happened every night since, at dusk.

Amid the chaos, as the world is invaded by the devil’s spawn, Kelsie and Tom say their meeting was destined. And when others join them, each claiming to be looking for their brothers, a journey begins as they all travel to Philly, the City of Brotherly love.

As the leaders of America search prophecies and myths and when lives are lost and the fallen keep falling, a war between man and beast rages, both making claim to the earth beneath their feet

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The new self-sufficient subterranean city of Burlington is a haven for those threatened by the pending winter hurricane. The residents have been chosen by the tyrannical Prime Minister, ALICE BURTON, for their physical excellence, enticed by the promise that they can spend the next seven years in warmth, safety and comfort. Now, the whiteout has arrived too early and the chosen are unable to reach their final destination.

BURLINGTON - The manager, FRANCHESCA HOLLYART fights to keep the city functioning for everyone seeking sanctuary.


BRAD WALKER is her biggest enemy for fighting the system, but she desires him with a passion she is unable to contain.


CROW FARM. Matriarch, JULIE MANN, has been left alone while her family seek sanctuary at Burlington. While the storm rages outside, she faces new challenges when strangers arrive to take from her the only place that can keep her alive. Now, she has an ally or two, a pack of wolves who protect her from harm.


EDEN. When a group of teenagers break into Eden, an artificial rainforest in Cornwall, they have everything they need to survive the whiteout. Seventeen-year-old JACK SHARPE is the leader of the gang, a kid who enjoys life while lusting after his best friend’s sister, Fara. While the group raise chickens and enjoy skateboarding around the tourist attraction’s concourse, a new threat emerges when soldiers knock on the door.

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Three people coming together to search for the one thing they can't have.


LEWIS CROW is a naturally charming and persuasive con artist. He can convince anyone who dwells in the depths of grief to come to a remote island in the Pacific where the natives can bring back the dead.

When ANNA meets MAX, the love of her life, they take a Honeymoon in Switzerland, but Max is lost to her forever when he falls from Mount Shilthorn.  When his body is never recovered, Anna sinks into unfathomable depression that can only be alleviated by the promise to bring him back.

HARRY KING is a self-made billionaire whose adored son, NICKI, is murdered by a gang of youths in New York city. Heartbroken and struggling with the grief of losing his son, Harry turns to the bottle as his only solace. When he receives an offer he can’t refuse, Harry travels to Forever Island with the promise of seeing Nicki again.

When JACOB and ZANDRA win £55million on the lottery, they buy a suite on the largest residential ship in the world. Zandra is a badass in a wheelchair and a world-renowned writer. After she is killed in a freak accident in St. Tropez, Jacob travels to Forever Island to bring her back from the dead.

Now, as they each arrive and settle into their new beach houses, the unlikely trio, Anna, Harry and Jacob soon suspect that things aren’t what they appear to be on Forever Island.

Wendy Reakes'  Autobiography


Finalist in the International Book Awards for Christian Inspirational

Wendy Reakes thought she had it all, until she fell one fateful day in 1999 and broke her leg. In an English hospital she contracted the MRSA superbug and gangrene set in. To save her, they had to amputate three times, but afterwards her life changed for the better when a decade of miracles began.


‘I felt it was all meant to be,’ she says.


They told her she couldn’t have children. She had twins; one of each! She never knew she could write novels but ‘by chance’ she found out she could. And she didn’t believe in God, until one day in 2012, when she went to church and her past tumultuous life started to make sense.


‘I’ve loved God ever since.’


SAVED is about one woman’s life-long struggle to find spiritual salvation. It isn’t fiction and it isn’t embellished.

‘It just is what it is,’ she says.



'SAVED is a brave and beautifully written story of one woman's battle against crippling adversity. It is a deeply engaging and inspiring tale of fortitude and faith. It's also an eloquent reminder that from heaven's perspective healing applies to the soul as much as it does to the body.'

                                                                     Mark Stibbe,

                                                       Award winning and bestselling author.



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